Saving the lives of homeless dogs

Hero's Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs and educating the community on responsible pet ownership, helping to eliminate pet over-population and shelter euthansia.


Hero’s Friends is a non-profit rescue started by a group of people who rescued their dogs and decided they wanted to do more to help save the lives of dogs in need. Through advocacy, education, and rescue work, Hero’s Friends hopes to move to a time when there will be no more homeless dogs.

An immediate need identified by Hero’s Friends is to help families losing their homes to foreclosure. Tough economic times are also devastating for companion animals. As more and more families across the U.S. lose their homes to foreclosure, a new animal rescue issue is arising: an influx of animals to our nation's shelters as families can no longer afford to keep them, or as pets are not welcome in their families' new accommodations.

The need is great. Animals need our help.


“No Dog Left Behind, The Chuckie Project” was developed to help those who will lose their home due to foreclosure. Hero’s Friends has identified resources outlined on this website, that help keep pets and their families together. This program also reaches out to the homeless where a shelter is not an option because they will not abandon their dog, and to people who require emergency medical care and have no one to care for their dog. Named for Chuckie, a sweet 9 year old lab who was left at a high-kill shelter because her family lost their home due to foreclosure, this program works to provide resources to keep dogs with their family.

Hero’s Friends will:

  • Rescue, re-home, and advocate for pets that have been left behind due to foreclosure or eviction
  • Provide options for families to keep their pets if hard economic times are making it difficult to keep or care for their pets
  • Provide resources for individuals who find themselves homeless and have no where to go with their pets as shelters do not allow animals.
  • Provide resources for individuals who encounter medical problems requiring hospitalization and lengthy recovery with no one to care for their dog.
  • Promote spaying and neutering
  • Be a source for real estate professionals and mortgage lenders when they encounter a pet in need

The Rescue Project - Using existing relationships we serve as a broker between shelters, fosters, adopters and rescue groups. We find compatible fosters or adopters and monitor shelters to minimize euthanasia of dogs.


The Gracie Project – Provide rescue assistance to adopting families. Many families do not go through with adopting because they become overwhelmed with the process. Wandering through shelters can be depressing so many will not consider adopting from the shelter because they just do not want to see the suffering dogs. Working with other rescue groups and area shelters, we will provide assistance finding the right dog for their family. We will offer assistance finding the best vet, daycare, training, and other resources needed to ensure a happy and easy transition.


The Gracie Project is named for a sweet little girl who was used as a breeder dog and when the breeder decided she could be of no more use, they discarded her like trash where she lived on the streets alone. Poor girl was brought to Devore, the worst shelter in the LA system, as a stray. Fortunately she is in a loving home with a Dad who spoils her rotten.


Other projects under development include:

The Chevy-Chasey Project - is a program developed to Champion Pit Bulls. The Pit Bull breed is unfairly targeted as dangerous and often languish in the shelter waiting to be adopted and are ultimately put down due to breed discrimination.



Chase and Chevy Chang are both rescues. Chase was found wandering alone in Kenneth Hahn park as a young puppy and Chevy was pulled from North Central Shelter in LA. They are now part of a family we affectionally call "The Chang Gang". It is because of them and other pit friends of Hero that we are working hard to change the unfair perception of Pitbulls and other "bully breeds".


The MuttMatcher Project –  web tools are under development to assist with determining the correct breed for the adopting family and help find a rescue dog that is a great match.

Hero’s Friends Sanctuary:

Provide temporary housing for dogs pulled by area rescue groups. All rescue groups have the same problem, there are more dogs in the shelters then there are foster homes. The rescue groups believe they can get the dog adopted if they just have a little more time, which the shelter may not be willing or able to give due to lack of space. Hero’s Friends will provide short-term, low-cost boarding while the rescue group secures foster or permanent homes. Short Term boarding will allow the rescue groups to pull more dogs from the shelters thereby saving many more lives. Rescue groups arrive at the shelter to pull one or two dogs only to find there are several more adoptable dogs that will be put down in the next few days. They can be saved but there is no housing so they are left behind to meet a horrible fate. Hero’s Friends will provide temporary boarding to partner rescue groups allowing them the time needed to line up foster care.

Hero’s Friends Senior Sanctuary:

Provide a loving environment for senior dogs. Too many senior dogs end up in the shelter system at the end of their lives. The likelihood that a senior dog will be adopted is low. It is sad to think these wonderful animals have their final days in a cold and unloving environment. Hero’s Friends Senior Sanctuary will welcome these wonderful dogs and let them live out their lives with dignity and love.


Further information on these and other programs will be provided as they are developed. All projects are named for rescued dogs who are now in loving homes.



"Thank you for saving my friends."   ...Hero

Hero is a rescue who brings his forever family much joy.