Saving the lives of homeless dogs



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Please consider becoming a foster family. We are in need of fosters to care for these dogs rescued from foreclosed homes to keep them out of the kill shelters. Foster parents save dogs. It is as simple as that……a foster parent takes in the pet as their own: they love the pet, help the pet adapt to a new home, and take care of all their daily needs. If you want to foster, but cannot afford the pet food or other pet-care necessities, we will make accommodations to provide those items. Medical needs will be covered by Hero’s Friends. As a foster parent, you will also talk to potential adopters, informing them of details you acquire during fostering, such as the personality or temperament of the pet. In this way, the individual(s) interested in adopting the pet can better decide if the pet is right for their family. We need intermediate fosters that foster pets until they are adopted, and temporary fosters that have isolation space and foster pets from the time they are rescued until the time they can go to a vet for a check up and vaccinations (usually within one week). If you are interested in becoming a foster, please contact us.




If you are interesting in adopting, contact us. Thank you.